Here at GS6 Incorporated, we believe promoting from within is the key to successful expansion and growth for years to come. We offer our executives an exclusive opportunity at hands on training to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the direct sales and marketing industry, as well as in team management and leadership roles. We know as we look to the future, the people we train today are the people who will help us achieve our ambitious goals, making them our wisest investment. Through continuous training, motivation, and grooming we will produce our future leaders.​


GS6 is currently hiring entry-level, marketing and sales Client Representatives for our Management Development Program. This entry-level position offers our Reps hands on business experience with the opportunity to grow rapidly into an Executive role. All of our Executives are cross-trained in sales, marketing, human resources, administration, finance, and management. All of our promotions are internal and based solely on performance with no seniority.​ Our Reps and Executives have the opportunity to refine these skills not only in the Greater Pittsburgh area but in other domestic and international locations.



"Since relocating to Pittsburgh, education has been my main priority and focus. I am in the process of completing my dual degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. As I approach my graduation, I feel additionally prepared by the experience I have gained at GS6. In addition to developing my business acumen, I have had the opportunity to teach and lead, developing untapped potential in myself and others. My student mentality has served me well in reaching the Executive level, and I am confident that the leadership and management skills I am constantly developing will support me in my growth and goal to one day successfully run my own business."

Vishal, Account Executive

"After attending Edinboro University of PA pursuing a degree in Biochemistry, I realized that the medical field was not for me and set out to find my niche. I have always had the drive to succeed whether it be on the football field or in the various sales positions I held. After exploring a few different industries, I found GS6. Since becoming a part of the team, I have been able to recognize my potential not just in the marketing world, but as a leader. Before being awarded so much opportunity to learn and grow, I would have never  had the opportunities to travel, teach, and look forward to unlimited growth potential."

Jordan, Account Executive

“When I went to college I just felt that success was nothing more than a diploma and a 9 to 5 job. I studied public relations at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and was always very involved with student life. I held a number of different leadership positions in my sorority and also in the PRSSA. After graduation I moved back home to Chicago and took a marketing internship that had little opportunity for growth and advancement.


After working for months in the service industry, which included nights, weekends, and holidays, I was in search of a drastic change. Joining the team at GS6 has opened so many doors for me. The most minuscule but appealing detail to me at first was the new found freedom on nights, weekends and holidays. Since then, the opportunity has become so much more than a job for me. Since beginning with the company, I have already been through one promotion. I was also given the opportunity to relocate to Columbus and expand the market. Since moving I have had the opportunity to help and watch team members grow and reach their goals while simultaneously meeting my own aspirations. As a team we have also been doing Philanthropic fundraisers. This has been such a fulfilling addition to my life and I am very excited for my future with the company.”

Fiona, Account Executive

"Before GS6, I had graduated from Edinboro University and held a number of positions primarily in youth development and counseling. Other than my children, my biggest passion in life is developing young minds and helping others to achieve their goals. Here as an Account Executive, I have had the ability to not only grow professionally and reach my personal goals, but also to help develop leaders. I am very thankful that GS6 provides me with the opportunity to advance and learn while supporting my family and personal growth."

Sean, Sr. Account Executive

“After college I began my career working in finance, administration & public relations. I thought working for a University was going to provide me with stability and growth. However it didn’t matter how hard I worked as everything was based on seniority and budget cuts. After a few years I knew I could not spend my career in a cubicle hoping to get promoted to an office one day. I began with the company at the entry level just looking for a place that my hard work would be recognized and rewarded. What I found with GS6 was just that! From my first day I could tell that this was the right place for me because of the exciting atmosphere and the competitive feeling throughout the office. Since that day I not only found a career I can see myself doing for the rest of my working life, but I found a place that allows me to grow both personally and professionally every day. I now have the opportunity to manage our Columbus office and look forward to continued expansion to come.”

Desireé, Managing Partner  

" I graduated from Syracuse University with my degree in Communications and Entrepreneurship. I knew that I wanted to do something that was exciting and allowed me to utilize my education, but wasn't sure what that would be. Soon after I had graduated college, I had held positions in many industries from education to insurance, but nothing really captured my interest. I started my career with GS6 as a Client Rep where I had the opportunity to take advantage of the communications and leadership skills I have developed over the years. After proving my capabilities as an Account Executive, I was offered the opportunity to become a more integral part of the company in the HR department. From here, I look forward to being a part of GS6's growth for years to come!"

Kaylin, HR Director

“I graduated from Olivet College in Michigan, where I studied Insurance and Risk Management. Upon graduation, I began my career as a commercial health underwriter and financial services representative. After looking for more opportunities to grow, I found our office in Columbus. The skill set I have developed here is irreplaceable! The strong team environment gave me the ability to help, train, and empathize with my peers as we worked towards a common goal. As a two time All League Tight End on my college football team, I have always enjoyed working in team environments that allow me to also utilize my leadership skills. GS6 has done this and so much more. GS6 has helped me take my career to the next level by giving our associates the opportunity to grow and build, not only professionally, but personally as well. The opportunity at GS6 is not just a job, it's a future. I now manage the Pittsburgh market for our clients and look forward to growing these clients here in Pennsylvania."

Rod, President & CEO
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